Born in Mersin/Turkey 1959, Mehmet Kutlu has graduated  from Cukurova University/Turkey Mechanical Engineering Faculty. Having his own private company till 1990, he started learning ceramic techniques in various studios under the supervision of experienced and well known artists, including Ünal Cimit (Turkey), Pietro Maddelana (Italy).

He entered Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Art Istanbul/Turkey, Ceramics Dept in 1994 and graduated in 1998 with Distinction award. Started his graduate studies at Mimar Sinan University and completed it in Hacettepe University (Ankara/Turkey) Dept. of Ceramics and received his Master in Arts (M.A.) degree.

Has received numerous awards including Ministry of Culture (Turkey) Distinction award four times. Besides nine individual exhibitions, artist has participated in many group exhibitions and has commissioned works in public spaces as hospitals, hotels, restaurants both in the country and abroad.

He uses various self – developed clay mixtures; porcelain ,glass; decal applications in his works.

Continues his production and researches in his private studio  in Istanbul.

Artist’s main inspiration comes from contraversial issues/effects, childhood dreams and excitements.